Consultancy services

Power is our forte, but we can apply our experience to a variety of process industries, utilising our expertise with the OSIsoft/Aveva PI System. If it concerns the monitoring or control of a flexible asset and tech, then we’ve never met a problem we can’t solve. With TGG you don’t get stuck in the rigmarole of a drawn-out formal consultancy process: we focus on solving your problem from day one.

If we can’t solve your challenge with our products, then we almost certainly can with our consultancy services. No problem is too niche or too small but, among other things, you can depend on TGG for:

Energy innovation partners

Innovation for the future must be grounded in expertise about the present. Our founders are ready to deploy more than 35 years’ accumulated experience in the energy sector and power system management to solve your problems. From individual engines to entire fleets of dispatchable power, from energy trading dynamics to operational excellence and predictive maintenance, and from automation to furnishing human-expertise with data-led insights, we have the skills and experience to partner on your next innovation project.

OSIsoft/Aveva’s PI System experts

OSIsoft/Aveva’s PI System has been the data backbone of the UK power sector since its inception in the 1980s, evolving with the times to maintain its position as one of the world’s preeminent solutions used to capture, process, analyse, and store any form of real-time data in industrial settings. Any solution for the possibilities of tomorrow must be grounded in the reality of today, and therefore PI System expertise is indispensable to any energy or process industry tech endeavour drawing on real-time data. Our consultants offer multi-decadal experience with the PI System to help you surmount your challenges.

Blue-sky thinking for green energy systems

The energy transition is tearing up the rulebook of the energy sector technology. Renewables are just the start: the horizon is full of electric vehicles, smart grids, virtual power plants, dispatchable electric heating and batteries behind and front-of the meter. We can’t pretend to know precisely what the future holds, but we know that it will call for a combination of agile expertise and established experience – so if you’re doing blue-sky thinking about your green energy future, call on TGG.

Challenge us

We relish a challenge, and love nothing more than solving complex problems for the energy sector. Whether your issue falls neatly into the categories above or is something a little different, we want to hear about it.