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iON is our flagship solution: a flexible power asset dispatch and monitoring solution built for the agile, decentralised energy sector of the 21st century.

Introducing iON: the flexible power asset dispatch and monitoring solution of choice for the discerning asset-owner. Today’s energy landscape is decentralised, agile and fast-moving. iON is the platform to match.

Dispatch, monitoring, alerting and predictive maintenance – iON is the on-switch for smart power asset management. It is the cost-effective enabler for operational excellence, and reduced unscheduled outages, and allows any size of asset owner (or trader) to save money and monetise assets through grid scheme participation, all without a box on-site or ceding control of energy trading functions.

What’s more, iON is human-friendly. We know that data is beautiful, and automatic power asset dispatch and monitoring can be too when it marries highly-visual data with seamless usability and multi-level insight, from individual engines up to the whole portfolio.

Available on-premise or via the Cloud, iON enables asset owners and energy traders of any size to benefit from the enterprise-grade power of OSIsoft/Aveva’s PI System.

iON at the Edge provides optional scheduling backup and buffering of data to ensure you don’t miss a thing, even during a connection loss.

With iON, our lives get easier but we retain complete control over the value-adding decisions and our assets. It’s the right balance for us – we want a tool to help us inform and execute our decisions, not make them for us. And the TGG team behind it are invaluable – they know the industry inside out and a problem you’ve been struggling with for six months can be solved with a 20 minute phone call.


– Steve Moody, Head of Trading Conrad Energy
Our other products:

Power Insight: System Imbalance
Price (SIP) Predictor

A good trading strategy is an informed trading strategy. Our SIP Predictor gives you a clear indication of the SIP for the next two settlement periods, plus an estimate within a narrow range for future periods. With real-time updates, the TGG SIP Predictor provides a continuous market view, allowing you to react even to late, unexpected changes.

Power Insight: UK Triad Predictor

Though not as fearsome as they once were, Triads are still best avoided. Our tool provides a clear indication of the likelihood of a Triad occurring in each settlement period. Crucially, our tool can also tell you when a Triad will not occur, avoiding spend on unnecessary Triad optimisation efforts.

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